There are various RPO models. Deciding which is most suited to you and your company needs can be a challenge.

We can configure a solution based on your specific needs. Whatever the model, be safe in the knowledge that we offer a money back guarantee on our delivery. You are in safe hands.

RPO models – Proven Effective

Point of Service RPO – Tailored to Your Business Needs

Where 1 or more specific step of the recruitment process are outsourced to an expert 3rd party.

You can select as many steps to outsource as you need.

These are the key stages of a recruitment process.


Talent planning what, where, when, how many

Job description creation defining “what good looks like”

Talent market research how many with required skills are in specific locations, salary / benefits benchmarking etc.

Candidate experience management Plan for a high candidate experience throughout. Promotes your employer branding



Recruitment Marketing 150,000+ recruitment marketers networking for you. HOW? Ask us.

Talent attraction reach to talent market (active and passive talent)]link to about us talent technology and processes

CV Search and screening Assess suitability based on CVs

Initial interviews Telephone or online meeting-based interviews

Candidate shortlist based on candidates hitting all criteria set during planning and personal



Interview scheduling manage process of booking all interviews on behalf of HR and hiring team

Offer process point of communication between you and candidates throughout offer stage through to acceptance

Onboarding gathering all required documentation, assisting in day 1 preparations, ensuring candidates join



Analysis and reporting we provide data driven presentations and dashboards based on your needs. Your talent and HR data are a click away

Each step of the process will be the service providers full accountability whilst your own HR and recruitment department maintain control of the entire process.

We can provide highly experienced RPO consultants onsite or working remotely – completely dedicated to you.

With point of service, you can strengthen certain aspects of your recruitment process. You receive the best in class practices and delivery within the scope of work as if they were additional members of your own team.

Contingent RPO / recruiter on demand

If you have a sudden ramp in hiring and need an additional resource at a moment’s notice, the recruiter on-demand model is for you.

Contingent RPO can either be a full service RPO for a specific skillset, vacancy list or hiring project or can be a point of service RPO for a specific aspect (such as screening the CVs on your database).

Either way, having a talent hunter(s) on standby, waiting to jump in and assist you during a spike in hiring is a great resource to have.

At RPO+, we have teams of highly experienced headhunters who know their own niche market as well as anyone; and much better than most. We have a strong network and personal connections in so many functions and industry talent groups.

Finding talent has never been a problem for us. It’s a race we will win every time 

Our RPO consultants adapt immediately. From being onsite for a Fintech client last week, they may be onsite for a healthcare client next week. Seamless transition and unrivalled delivery.

Day 1 will feel like they have worked with you for months already

Project Based RPO – Cost Effective, Money Back Guarantee!

The ideal model for specific needs, timeframes, location and skillset.

Sometimes you simply don’t have the resources to deliver everything required by the company. You can either hire team members(s) or you can outsource. For a hit the ground running fast impact, a project based RPO works best.

Maybe you (or your client) have a need for several hires to be onboarded by a certain date. That’s when you utilize a project based RPO model.

The scope of work (SOW) will show the RPO service provider will deliver X hires with Y skillsets for Z location by D date.

SOW = numbers + skills + location + time 

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are added so that you are protected. A shortfall in delivery of SOW means penalties are incurred.

A project based model allows your inhouse team to focus on its day-to-day activities knowing that the project is delivered whilst still maintaining full control.

Full Service RPO

The entire recruitment process is outsourced. This may be for certain departments or for the entire company.

Having an outsourced department brings considerable cost savings as well as a high level of accountability. There will be SLAs and penalty clauses in place meaning the service provider must deliver. 

Imagine knowing exactly what your recruitment costs will be for the entire year.

We have recorded over 80% cost savings on many occasions for clients.

The future of Talent solutions; today

A solution for every need. Success is a click away